Friday, December 2, 2016

Pentius PWG24A BrightVUE Graphite Wiper Blade - 24"


Pentius PWG24A BrightVUE Graphite Wiper Blade - 24"  $13.08

Pentius wiper blades are made from the highest quality materials, and are manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Through a number of automated production processes, Pentius is able to produce every wiper blade to precise quality control standards while maintaining their competitive pricing position in this ever changing market. The graphite coated wiper blades are currently being supplied to the top three Korean vehicle manufacturers and to one of the "big three" US manufacturers as "original equipment". Pentius wiper blades are available in two different grades (CrystalVUE and BrightVUE), enabling you to select the blades most appropriate for your market. BrightVUE Graphite Wiper Blades feature state of the art graphite technology at a very affordable price point. Pentius exclusive formulation incorporates PTFE, graphite, silicone rubber and a urethane resin base which combine to provide superior wiping ability in a long lasting blade that is highly resistant to fluctuations in temperature. BrightVUE graphite wiper blades deliver premium performance and durability at a moderate price.

Sourcing - LA
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