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Alarm System

Alarm System

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Viper 5904 Responder HD Color SuperCode SST 2 Way Security And Remote Start System - 5904V $295


Built-in Info Center: the Responder HD status screen has an information center built into it! The Info Center displays the remote start run-time remaining before the engine shuts off, as well as the vehicle interior temperature, so you know if it has warmed up or cooled off enough to make your drive comfortable. It also displays the Countdown and Parking Meter timers when running, and the Parking meter timer emits warnings at 15 minutes, 5 minutes and at expiration so you can make sure to feed the meter. Also, you can stop, start or clear these timers any time in the Status Screen using the Menu Wheel. These 4 bits of information can be displayed in the Info Center by pressing the menu wheel while the Status screen is active to toggle and show each one.

Two Car operation: when users decide to change to a paired 2nd vehicle, Responder HD will automatically check the vehicle's availability, and if the desired car is not available it will let you know. If the vehicle is available, it will automatically update the information displayed on the status screen so you know if it needs to be disarmed, or if the engine is running.

Security system Sensor Status in real-time: when arming with a security zone active, Responder HD will receive a report that will identify by name the active zone and display a special icon in the Status Screen. The report will identify all zones that are active (up to 7) by name during the report output.

NEW FEATURE: For the first time, Responder HD reports any sensors that have been bypassed by the Nuisance Prevention Circuitry (NPC™) feature when arming and have a special Sensor Status icon that is displayed in the Status Screen. Any time there is a change of status in the sensors (NPC or a bypassed zone resets,) Responder HD will receive a message from the system and the All Zones OK icon will be displayed.

Sensor Bypass: users can bypass sensors by selecting the level and sensors they wish to bypass. Responder HD will identify the bypassed sensors on-screen and by name so the user knows exactly the level of security they have chosen. After bypassing sensors, the Sensor Status icon will be updated so the user can easily see those sensors are bypassed each time the Status Screen is displayed.

Remote start Fault and Not Available reporting: if the user attempts to operate a security or remote start feature that is not available, Responder HD will identify the fault so it can be quickly resolved.


Remote Confirmation OLED Screen
# of Remotes 1 Responder HD Color 2-Way and 1 5-Button 1-Way
Range Up to 1 Mile
Security Yes
Remote Start Yes
Keyless Entry Yes
SmartStart Compatible Yes
Encryption SuperCode™
Domelight Supervision Yes
Stinger DoubleGuard Shock Sensor Yes
Neo Revenger 6-Tone Siren Yes
Failsafe Starter Kill Yes
Guaranteed Protection Plan (GPP) Yes
Auxiliary Channels for Optional Functions 4
Remote Control Trunk Pop Yes
External Shock Sensor: Yes

Viper 5704V Responder LC3 2-Way Security & Remote Start System $195
*Control the vehicle from up to 1 mile away
 *2-Way confirmation through Multi Backlight LCD Display 
*Simplistic On-screen User Interface *Rechargeable battery 
*Viper Smart Start compatible 
*Control up to two cars from one remote 
*Active Temperature Check 
*Status LED Alerts thieves that the vehicle is equipped with a Security System 
*Failsafe Starter Kill *Stinger Double Guard Shock Sensor 
*Revenger Six-Tone Siren 
*Include companion remote 
*Remote Powerful Features: 
*Integrated Antenna 
*Auxiliary: Open your trunk & control several other optional functions 
*Remote Start: Start your engine & warm up your car with the push of a button 
*Function: Access the full power of SuperCode with dozens of functions 
*Arm & Disarm: Lock & unlock your car. Arm & disarm your car security system 
*Mini-USB Charging Port: For Internal Battery

Control the vehicle from up to 1 mile away
2-Way confirmation through Multi Backlight LCD Display
Viper Smart Start compatible
Auxiliary: Open your trunk & control several other optional functions
Remote Start: Start your engine & warm up your car with the push of a button

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Viper 5701 LE 2 Way Car Alarm $145
With Remote Start System
One 5-Button 2-way Remote
One 5-Button 1-way Remote
Receiver Technology SuperCode
Channels (per car) 24 (x2 cars)
Car Finder/Panic
Parking Light Flash with Flexible relay
Antenna with Integrated LED/Valet Switch
XK400N Databus Integration Slot
D2D Port for XK Interface Modules
Bitwriter™ Programmable (V2.6 + 998M)
Bitwriter 2™ Programmable
SilentMode2 Sirenless Modes
Onboard XCR Remote Start Relays
Flex Remote Start Relay Onboard
Virtual Tach™
Defroster Output w/ Dedicated Channel
Switch-controlled Turbo Timer
Runtime Reset from Remote
Timer Start Mode
Smart Start (temp/timer/voltage)
Auto Temp Display on Remote
Cabin Temperature Request
Classic Directed Features:
Failsafe® Starter Kill
GPP Guaranteed Protection Plan
Onboard Shock Sensor - Remote Adjusting
Stinger DoubleGuard Shock Sensor
Revenger® Six-Tone Soft Chirp Siren
Learn Routine
Warn Away®
Nuisance Prevention Circuitry (NPC™)
Progressive/Instant Door Trigger
Bitwriter 2 Compatible (Coming Soon)
Aux Outputs 4
Extreme 2,000 feet FCC legal 2-way range
Simple new universal icons on the Remotes
Longer battery life -- up to 6 months
Real Status using GhostLights™ -- check the
Vehicle temperature and run time remaining
Using the LEDs on the remote
Soft Touch surfaces for comfortable tactile sensation
Remote Key Pad Lock
Viper GPS Tracking System: ESP serial port
Viper 5701 LE now includes the new and
improved 2-Way Antenna with the Blue Status
LED and Valet Switch built in with a average
Range of 2000 Feet!

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SCYTEK G20 Car Alarm / Vehicle Security System with Keyless Entry $50

Car Alarm and Vehicle Security System with Keyless Entry
Includes two 4-button transmitters
Includes a built-in parking light relay
Plug-in dual zone impact sensor
Plug-in user programmable coded override switch and LED
Lock and unlock outputs
User-selectable auto-lock and unlock with ignition
Interior light output
Horn output
One auxiliary channel with programmable three stage anti car jack feature
Remote keyless entry with accessory activation

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